Sharon Elaine Carty
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Consultation 4 Pack

Your Personal Soul Coach

Life is too short to keep the questions you have about your life to yourself. After scheduling a phone consultation, Sharon's work brings the qualities of your highest energy vibration to the surface. Greater self awareness and contentment results from repeated consultations. If you are searching for the deeper meaning in your life and know there is more too it than most people think, you are right on track. Sharon will clarify your situation, relationships and life purpose. She will review to you your true gifts and personal power and teach you how to use them in your daily life to help yourself and those you love. When you pre-pay for a spiritual phone consultation here, Sharon will be notified of your payment, then you may call the toll free number to do your phone session with Sharon at anytime four or more sessions are recommended. Spiritual phone consultations are priced as follows:

• 1 Hour - $120

• 3/4 Hour - $90

• 1/2 Hour - $60

• 15 Minutes - $30

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